Latest, This Is PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today January 18, 2022

Just like other game developers, Krafton also shares redeem codes for players. PUBG Mobile Redeem Code can later be used by players because it has a special gift. The prizes are also different. But the most sought after is the free gift of weapons. Similar to other games, the redeem code in PUBG can only be claimed by one player. So if the code has been met the quota, then you can no longer make a claim.

Well, here is the latest PUBG redeem code today, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

  7. SD31G84FCC
Here's how to use or activate the PUBG Mobile Redeem Code:

1. Go to PUBG Mobile redeem code site on

2. Fill in some of the available columns, such as Character ID, Redeem Code and Verification Code. 

3. Enter the Redeem Code you got. 

4. Click Redeem and wait for the prize to be sent via player email in PUBG Mobile.

As for the article about PUBG Mobile redeem code today period, you can use it by looking at my tutor above about how to use or activate PUBG Mobile redeem code. I hope this article is useful for all of us, don't forget to keep following my site and share this article on your social media, thank you

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